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A Strategic Scenario Planning Workshop to Explore the Future of the European Engineering and Maritime Manufacturing Industry

Tue, 18 September 2012 - Tue, 18 September 2012

Tuesday 18th September 2012, 11.00 am to 5.00 pm

SEA Europe will be providing a forum for dialogue to the industrial community and relevant stakeholders and hereby invites you to participate in setting the strategic direction of the industry. Your contributions will be shared in a facilitated scenario-planning arrangement.

The scenario planning process strives to explore and understand the different operating conditions that the industry will face depending on the developments of major uncertainties. The challenge posed to you is to take the time to explore the future and design the strategies and contingencies that are robust and resilient enough to actively shape it in a positive direction.

SEA Europe and the European Commission have been engaged to develop a strategic framework to position the European maritime technology industry for future prosperity. Although the industry has the potential for economic growth and long-term success, we must help Europe recognize the sector’s strategic importance and help her dedicate herself to developing the tools for harvesting its potential.

Scope of Workshop

SEA Europe has organised this workshop for the European maritime industry to visualise future business scenarios of the sector. Discussion will centre on the following questions:

What are the dynamics of the possible scenarios for 2020 and how will they impact the industry?

What will be the availability of financing? What kind of market access will we have? What will be the status of IPR protection? What will be clean energy agenda be? How will our HR needs change?

What can we do to ensure that Europe can secure its competitive advantage by 2020?

The most important thing is for you to come with an open mind and the energy to suspend your disbelief as we take the day to travel into the future; bring your experience but leave your ‘day job’ at the door. Accelerating changes assure that the future will be different, but if we are not prepared-not only will we be unable to influence it direction, but we will be shaped passively by it.

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