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SHIPREC 2013: International Conference on Ship Recycling

Sun, 07 April 2013 - Tue, 09 April 2013


The conference welcomes papers on all aspects of ship recycling and dismantling. Areas of interest include, but are not limited, to the following:

LAW AND POLICY: the role of international organizations, such as IMO, ILO, and UNEP, that are pivotal in the promotion of international instruments such as the Basel and Hong Kong Conventions. They will also look at the impact of these conventions on national regulation and present recycling conditions.

HUMAN-RELATED ISSUES: occupational safety and health issues and their management, and on human and social aspects including education and training.

ECONOMIC AND COMMERCIAL INTERESTS: the economics of ship recycling from historical and contemporary perspectives, expected trends, and cost-benefit analysis and decision-making.

ENVIRONMENTAL AND TECHNICAL ASPECTS: environmental impact assessment; coastal zone management; hazardous and toxic materials; waste-stream management ashore; life-cycle product management; extended producer responsibility; the ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach; ship design for recycling; recycling/dismantling processes and innovative methods and technologies.

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