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Shipbuilding Contract Management

Mon, 20 May 2013 - Tue, 21 May 2013

Shipowner perspective: shipbuilding in China
Hear from the Clipper Group about their experience of shipbuilding contract management in China

4 New Interactive Workshops
    Negotiating the contract provisions to control production
    Changing the price and delivery date and negotiating the contract provisions
    Negotiating guarantee and warranty clauses
    Managing a dispute effectively

2 New Technical Workshops
    Design and specification
    Effectively managing delay
Ship Repair Contract Management Course
Gain focused contract management specific to ship repair
Separetely bookable workshop on Wednesday 22 May 2013, Bonhill House, London
Programme led by:
Chris Kidd, Partner, INCE & CO LLP & David Steward, Independent Mediator

Key provisions in a repair contract
 - BIMCO RepairCon
 - Other contract provisions

Negotiating a ship repair contract: Winning the battle of the forms
This practical workshop has been designed to sharpen your negotiation skills and contract management. Participate in a mock negotiation to highlight key contractual and negotiation issues:
 - Offers, counter offers and acceptances
 - Use of subjects
 - Course of dealing

Enforcing payment by the buyer
During this session consider:
 - Repairers license
 - Jurisdiction clauses
 - Arrest of vessel
 - Priority of claims

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