Australia - Norah head boat ramp - Construction

Mon, 20 January 2014

Tenders open for demolition and replacement of main ramp, beach ramp and concrete retaining wall.

The Norah Head Boat Ramp facility situated in Cabbage Tree Harbour, Norah Head is in poor condition and has reached the end of its service life.

In partnership with Roads and Maritime Services, Council has undertaken the design and investigation for an upgraded boating facility at the site. The design includes for the demolition and replacement of the existing Main Ramp, Beach Ramp and concrete retaining wall, with a new Main Ramp, Beach Ramp and rock revetment wall which together will provide for improved launching and retrieval. 

Scope of Works ‘A’ includes for the demolition and construction of the Main Ramp and retaining wall, and a Scope of Works ‘B’ includes for the demolition and construction of the Main Ramp, Beach Ramp and retaining wall.  

Council seeks the services of Contractors or key subcontractors with proven experience and performance delivering complex projects in marine environment. To be considered Contractors must have third party certified corporate systems (by a JAS-ANZ accredited assessment body) to manage safety, quality and environmental risks.

The tendered rates and lump sums must include all costs necessary to provide the works under the Contract including without limitation the cost of all personnel, materials, plant and equipment, fuel, consumables, mobilisation, demobilisation, support systems, overheads, profit, travelling time, expenses, disbursements, fees and charges and all other associated costs. 

The rates and lump sums are fixed and not subject to escalation or review.

Council is seeking to use this Request for Tender as a basis for entering into a Contract with the Preferred Tenderer.

Opportunity Type: General Procurement

Response deadline: 22/01/2014

Deadline: 23/01/2014

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