Automatic scour monitoring solution

Wed, 04 September 2013

The EIVA NaviSuite Edulis offers detailed visualisation of sonar data in a 3D environment, combining a digital terrain model and cross profiles of the scour area in one view

Scour monitoring is taken to a new level with the recently launched EIVA NaviSuite Edulis total solution.

It allows for a 100% automatic scour monitoring process, providing a comprehensive data overview for a sound decision making process and reduced costs compared to other solutions.

The EIVA NaviSuite Edulis is a plug and play total solution for continuous, automatic scour monitoring. It replaces the costly alternative of carrying out surveys manually on site, thereby reducing the number of man hours required.

Cable free span, structural fatigue and deterioration, varying eigen frequency and other structural problems are practically eliminated, as the NaviSuite Edulis enables prompt reaction to development of scour. This translates into more efficient monitoring and maintenance operations, saving time and money and lengthening the lifespan of the subsea structure.

The NaviSuite Edulis does all the work throughout the scour monitoring process – from data acquisition to generation of report by the sonar software, with no need for on-site activities.

The data are automatically logged on an onshore server, processed and cleaned, and gathered in a final report at a given interval. This translates into a complete overview of the development of scour and thus a sound decision making basis for preventive measures.

Via one or more scanning sonars fitted to the underwater structure, depending on whether a 360 or 180° view is required, the NaviSuite Edulis scans the seabed and logs the data at a defined interval.

High resolution sonar data offer a detailed image of the seabed with no risk of inconsistencies due to the fixed position of the sonars. Moreover, the development of scour is monitored 24/7, all year round, through data covering current and tide as well as seasonal effects.

The NaviSuite Edulis can be applied in connection with various types of subsea constructions, such as wind turbine monopiles, bridge foundations, jack-up vessels during jacking, oil and gas rigs, quaysides and hydrodynamic structures.


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