General Assembly of the Clean North Sea Shipping Project, London June 14th 2012

Mon, 18 June 2012

Short sea shipping represents a more environmental friendly mode of transport if we look at CO2 emission per km per tonne of goods. Even so, air quality of harbors and coastal areas is a serious concern since each ship represents large point sources of air pollution.

Clean North Sea Shipping (CNSS) is one of several projects being financially supported by the INTERREG IVB – North Sea Region Program, to give input to the next generation of policy and strategies for the European maritime industry at all levels. In this project a total of 17 beneficiaries from six countries make up the partnership (ports, businesses, regions, public authorities, NGOs, and research institutes).

CNSS is looking into means to curb emission from shipping activities in ports and coastal areas by consideration of a range of different technical and legal options and by analysing how different scenarios compare to each other.

EU has set a series of climate and energy targets to be met by 2020, known as the "20-20-20" targets:

• A reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions of at least 20% below 1990 levels

• 20% of EU energy consumption to come from renewable resources

• A 20% reduction in primary energy use compared with projected levels, to be achieved by improving energy efficiency.

It is difficult to reach these targets unless more of the transported goods are moved from land to sea. At the same time one needs to consider how to improve the performance of the ports and the ships in order to reduce energy use and emissions. A key contribution in this context is incentives which motivate the actors to take the required steps combined with regulations that make an impact on all non-conformant actors.

CNSS suggest the development of a joint taxation and funding mechanism that supports the greening of existing ships and harbors by adapting to LNG as fuel for propulsion of ships and Onshore Power Supply (OPS) as a solution for energy supply for ships in harbour.

Key speakers at the event included:

Tom-Christer Nilsen, Mayor of Hordaland County Council

Edmund Hughes, IMO

Gillian Reynolds, GL Reynolds

Martin Crawford-Brunt, DNV

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