Hot water suit sees further development

Fri, 16 May 2014

The UK's Northern Diver International have unveiled their next-generation hot water suit. According to the company, the suit’s functionality has changed dramatically, with several new features added.

Zip tabs have been added on the chest and ankles to prevent accidental unzipping and to ensure the suit remains in place. The knee pads and shoulder pads have also been modified. As well as needing the suit to remain in tune with the movements of the diver’s body, if a commercial diver cannot see properly then this will clearly cause problems. A handy new eyelet has been added on the chest which allows the diver to defog their mask from the outside using a hot water pipe. In addition, the suit has been updated with a removable Velcro name badge and reflective areas. To top it off, the suit has undergone significant aesthetic changes.

The suit is CE approved and features a unique anti kink rubber pipe profile, held in place with a padded neoprene cover for comfort. The high grade, non-shrink, Armatex neoprene construction and unique heavy anodized aluminium water distribution valve also remain.

 Frith, J (15/05/2014) cited 16/05/2014

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