Lifeboats setting speed records

Mon, 25 July 2016

Two Search and Rescue boats built by FB Design in Italy have set new records for the for the voyage from Monte Carlo to Venice, the first time that such records have been set by production workboats.

The overall record for this nearly 1120 nautical miles voyage was set by the SAR 60, with a time of 22 hours and 6 minutes which was an average speed of 52.3 knots. This time included the one refuelling stop at Roccella Jonica in the south of Italy.

On the same route and on the same day, another FB Design boat, the  FB 32’ covered the distance in 32 hours and 46 minutes to set a new record in the under 9 metre class. The record run for both boats started in fine Mediterranean conditions but the wind freshened over the last 150 miles and at the finish the boats were running in considerable seas. The SAR 60 beat the previous record held by a racing boat by just 8 minutes.

The SAR 60 has been designed as the World's fastest lifeboat and is fully equipped for search and rescue operations. Powered by a pair of 1800hp MTU diesels connected to Trimax Drives this boat is capable of speeds up to 60 knots and is fully self-righting. Commenting on the new record, Designer of the SAR 60 and owner of FB Design, Fabio Buzzi said, "It was a tough run for this new record running through the night and in worsening sea conditions but it fully proved the capablities and long range of our new design which is designed to revolutionise search and rescue operations."

Source: Dag Pike;

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