Mantsbrite Reveals New Koden Broadband Echo Sounder

Wed, 30 January 2013

The Koden CVS-128B & CVS1410B are dual frequency broadband echosounders with a 2kW power output. The CVS-128B has an 8.4″ colour display and the CVS-1410B has a 10.4″ colour display. Two types of broadband transducer are available where the user can select and change a frequency as required to target specific fish species or avoid interference with other echosounders. The Koden TDM-017 broadband transducer allows the operator to choose any two frequencies between 38kHz and 75kHz; with the TDM-091D broadband transducer the operator can choose any two frequencies between 42kHz to 65kHz and 130kHz to 210kHz. The two chosen frequencies can be displayed simultaneously.

The frequencies can be adjusted in 0.1khz steps for precise tuning and best response when looking for specific fish species or when used for seabed ground discrimination. The new Koden broadband sounders also feature Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™) technology which enables a high resolution low noise picture and gives an outstanding range of detection when combined with the 2kW power output. With these features, the Koden Broadband echo sounders are suitable for commercial fishing or survey purposes.

Mantsbrite Managing Director David Ash comments: “It’s a well-known fact that certain fish species and objects can be seen better at specific frequencies. The new Koden CVS-128B and CVS1410B Broadband echosounders are technically advanced products that allow the commercial user to fine tune the echo sounder frequency to suit their needs. With up to two variable frequencies simultaneously displayed, fish species and ground discrimination are excellent. I’m proud that Mantsbrite, as Koden’s exclusive UK distributor, is now introducing them to the British market place.”

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