Material suppliers for major marine and energy sector manufacturer

Tue, 22 April 2014

Supply chain opportunities with major manufacturer of power sources and other equipment for marine and energy sectors

Publicly traded global Finnish manufacturer of power sources and other equipment for marine and energy markets is actively looking for new suppliers of various manufactured goods. The company operates in over 70 countries and sources significant volumes of different materials and services from across the globe. The company has an excellent reputation and providers some of the world-renowned solutions for the sectors it operates in.

The potential material suppliers must be able to support the company throughout the product lifecycle by ensuring supply with the right quality, delivered on time with the lowest total cost and fulfilling the lead time requirements. The company aims to build long term relations with the key suppliers in order to a create strong commitment from both sides.

The main categories for which direct materials are sourced for include:

engine blocks & cylinder heads

forgings and castings 

gears, on-engine coolers & hydraulics 

valves, rotators & bearings 

pistons and cylinder liners 

metal constructions 


full injection equipment 

auxiliary modules & systems 

electric power systems

automation & power distribution

engine management & embedded controls

mechanical equipment

insulation & vibration parts

energy efficiency & after treatment

standard parts & pneumatics

civil construction

To register your interest and to receive instructions on how to apply and further information on this supply chain opportunity, please contact UKTI Helsinki by clicking below.

Opportunity Type: General Procurement

Deadline: 30/05/2014


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