New EU research project

Mon, 07 October 2013

A new three year EU research project has been launched to help improve the efficiency of maritime regulations.

e-Compliance, which is partly funded by the EU, will facilitate tighter integration and cooperation in the regulation compliance and enforcement in the sector.

It will closely align with the EU e-Maritime initiative, which supports authorities and shipping operators to work together electronically in regulatory information management.

Philipp Lohrmann, project manager, e-Compliance, said: “Presently, there are numerous disparate initiatives and projects that address specific aspects of the regulatory domain."

"The e-Compliance project will bring these different approaches together, using their most promising aspects in order to increase coherence and efficiency in the world of maritime regulations," he added.

Specific activities within the new R&D project include:

· Establishment of a cooperation model between regulation setting and enforcement authorities, both for port state control and IMO regulations, for modelling and interpreting regulations

· Harmonised e-Services for more effective and co-ordinated enforcement controls and inspections

· e-Services in support of class requirements, particularly on surveys and for ship risk management in upgraded e-Maritime applications

e-Compliance will look at creating a model for managing maritime regulations digitally to help “harmonise” regulations across national and organisational boundaries.

The project’s consortium comprises representatives of the three main stakeholder groups involved: classification societies, port state control and ships.

Representatives include BMT Group, Marintek, DNV and Danaos Shipping Co Ltd, among others.


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