RBR Makes Waves With the RBRvirtuoso and RBRduo

Wed, 30 May 2012

RBR Ltd. has released their next generation tide and wave data loggers: the RBRvirtuoso and the RBRduo. Tested in the harshest environments to ensure their extreme accuracy, these loggers provide flawless measurements even in the most unpredictable ocean conditions.

With close to 97% of the earth’s water found in the ocean, the study of tides and waves impacts marine safety, navigation, costal development and environmental concerns. As the main driving force of oceans, tracking the size and shape of this raw energy can predict tidal waves and tsunamis. In order to have the right information at the right time, the right tools are needed to collect, measure and report data quickly. Scientists examining tidal fluctuations to better understand the circulation of the ocean and its relationship to world climatic changes, will value the precise measurements of RBRvirtuoso and RBRduo.

RBR's submersible, autonomous tide or wave loggers deploy in the water or on the sea bed, offering flexible measurement schedules, long wave burst samples, expanded memory and additional power for extended deployments, and fast download of large data files. The next generation loggers can measure more, deploy longer and download faster. Improved features include 6Hz sampling; tide averaging; 30M measurements; fast USB download speeds; low frequency wave detection and intermittent and continuous burst ability.

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