SAMI Launches Industry ‘BRIDGE’

Fri, 03 August 2012

As the industry becomes more competitive, maritime security companies are seeking innovative solutions to help them win contracts and develop their business. In order to answer these demands the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) has announced the launch of a new online service for its members and the wider maritime industry.

The “BRIDGE” is a password protected portal that provides sector specific directories, information, resources and support services, and offers a focused interface between the maritime security and shipping sectors. The unique portal assists with the wide ranging day-to-day resource needs of maritime security companies and the information requirements of key stakeholders in the maritime community.

Speaking of the launch, SAMI’s Founder and Security Director Peter Cook said, “Private maritime security companies have to work extremely hard to secure contracts and assure their businesses into the future. SAMI recognises the importance of providing resources and services to assist members with their business development and the BRIDGE will provide a range of membership benefits for this purpose.”

Cook added, “The portal offers our members bespoke and industry specific solutions, up to date resources and creates a two-way information highway between SAMI members and the broader maritime industry. The BRIDGE will enable our members to develop their business while meeting global expectations in terms of transparency and professional standards”

The BRIDGE offers SAMI members a complimentary subscription to industry news reports, analysis and updates, incident charts and weather reports, RSS feeds, operational and essential documentation. It also provides an industry-wide links index and details of bespoke services from companies offering specific and essential business solutions to SAMI members. The wider shipping industry is offered access to the BRIDGE via a subscription service, which is launched at discounted promotional rates.

The BRIDGE contains an industry focused directory of SAMI member companies that offers collated, publicly disclosed information, including current accreditation status within SAMI, areas of specialisation and affiliations with other industry standardisation programmes. This will make it easier for the shipping industry to identify and locate the companies which it wishes to do business with.

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