SEA Europe elects DCNS Chairman &CEO Patrick Boissier as Vice Chairman

Wed, 08 January 2014

Brussels, 8 January 2014

At the occasion of the European Ships and Marine Equipment Association’s (SEA Europe) 5th Board Meeting held at the HMS Queen Elizabeth, Babcock Rosyth Dockyard (UK), the Chairman and CEO of DCNS, Patrick Boissier, was elected as Vice Chairman. Upon his appointment Mr Boissier stressed that the role of SEA Europe is to ‘convince Europe that the future of the continent lies with and under the sea’. The European maritime technology industry is well placed to ‘strengthen the position of European maritime business and competitiveness by being at the forefront of innovation; preserving longstanding knowledge; developing new competences; and taking into account increased safety and security issues’. Mr Boissier’s tenure as Vice Chairman will be two years.

Furthermore SEA Europe members held a lively debate, on the importance of increased focus of safety issues when developing environmental legislation. The European maritime technology manufacturers are committed to delivering green solutions as a means to harnessing the sea for growth and jobs in the safest and most effective manner possible. In order to achieve this, global rule making has to be made collectively by nations and related stakeholders to guarantee a consistent approach to legislative developments and a level playing field upon implementation.

SEA Europe does not see conflict between safety and environment in addressing technical challenges and market difficulties. The European maritime technology industry has always been proactive when using innovation to overcome perceived ‘conflicts’ in order to develop the safest and most effective solutions to required demands. Investment is the key underpinning factor which will ensure the uptake of safe and environmentally beneficial designs and products.

It must be ensured that first movers are available to demonstrate innovations and show value for money and a real return on investment. This can only be achieved when regulatory and investment certainty is evident when pursuing new rules. The conclusion of the SEA Europe debate was that rule developments supporting the greening of the sector should not be hampered by discussions raising ‘conflicts’ at the eleventh hour.

SEA Europe calls upon all policy makers internationally and at European level to agree  on a structured and consistent approach to regulatory developments in partnership with the key maritime stakeholders (ship-owners, classification societies, etc.) to guarantee a coherency in the development of designs and technological innovations to meet the rigorous demands of today’s society for a safe and sustainable environment.

Press release issued by Sea Europe 8th January 2014

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