Supply and installation of subsea optical fault location system

Mon, 05 October 2015

A Danish company has decided to install an optical fault location system for the new 220 kV Horns Rev 3 subsea and underground grid connections.

The high voltage subsea and under-ground lines for monitoring are:

- 220 kV subsea and beach cable from Horns Rev 3 platform to substation Blåbjerg,

- 35 km. 220 kV underground cable from substation Blåbjerg to substation Endrup, 46 km.

The tender includes:

- The supply of the optical fault location system

- Documentation, installation and commissioning services

- Site acceptance test

- Training services

- Warranty of minimum 5 years

An optical fault location system is an online monitoring system, which uses an optic fiber cable along the high voltage cable route to determine location of interference in or near the high voltage cable, such as cable fault, excavation near cable, offshore hazards etc. The instruments must be installed in a normal rack system in the company’s substations.

Virtual server and Ethernet connection between the substations will be provided by the Danish company. The system shall be able to monitor the whole cable route with a spatial resolution of 50 meters or better.

Opportunity Type: Prequalification

Response deadline: 06/10/2015

Deadline: 09/10/2015

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