UK: ICS Publishes Annual Review of Maritime Policy and Regulatory Developments

Wed, 23 May 2012

To coincide with its Annual General Meeting, in Queensland Australia, on 24-25 May, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has published its latest Annual Review of maritime policy and regulatory developments.

Copies are being distributed free of charge via ICS’s 36 member national shipowners’ associations which, through ICS, collectively represent all sectors and trades and over 80% of the world merchant fleet to the international regulatory bodies that impact on shipping, including the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The comprehensive Annual Review covers key issues for 2012 including ICS’s response to Somali piracy and the debate about reducing CO2 emissions, as well as current developments in maritime safety and environmental regulation. The Review also addresses developments in labour affairs and manning and training, maritime law and insurance, and with respect to the maintenance of open shipping markets.

In his final introduction to the Annual Review, Spyros M Polemis, who will be standing down at the AGM after six years as ICS Chairman, remarks:

“The influence that ICS brings to bear on maritime regulatory affairs is considerable; something which, despite the huge political and technical complexities involved, ICS does with considerable success, but with characteristically quiet efficiency.

“As soon as I came to appreciate the remarkable breadth of ICS’s activities, the depth of its expertise and the respect which it enjoys amongst governments worldwide, one of my tasks as Chairman has been to try to increase understanding and awareness of ICS’s vital role within the shipping industry at large. I hope that this expanded ICS Annual Review will contribute to that task.”



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