Yarmouth Rose launched and in service

Thu, 19 September 2013

The latest Needles Pleasure Cruises craft has been launched and is now in service, powered by Doosan engines supplied by WaterMota.

Yarmouth Rose has been built by Trinity Boats as a Class VI passenger vessel for the Isle of Wight based Needles Pleasure Cruises to provide pleasure trips to view the Needles Rock and Lighthouse from Alum Bay together with ferry trips between Yarmouth and Lymington.

The vessel is 15.25m in length, manufactured from GRP and based on the rugged, well proven Kingfisher K50 moulds and designs purchased from Kingfisher Boats Ltd by Trinity Boats.

The vessel carries a Category 2 Code of Practice Licence, enabling it to be used as a workboat out of season, allowing Needles Pleasure Cruises to capitalise on the craft’s versatility and adaptability.

Designed and customised for Needles Pleasure Cruises, the vessel features twin L136 Doosan engines and D-I reversing gearboxes with 2.06:1 reduction ratio supplied by WaterMota, UK and Ireland distributor for Doosan and D-I.

"We're very excited to have taken delivery of Yarmouth Rose, said Peter Lemonius of Needles Pleasure Cruises. “In searching the market for a new vessel we were only considering a boat of a proven design, with good sea keeping capabilities and the ability to withstand hard punishment. The K50 have proven their worth in the domestic passenger boat industry in harsh areas of the UK and had to be a preferred choice."

Tony Fryer, WaterMota sales manager added: “Doosan is a very popular choice for ferries and pleasure cruisers. The engines are very easy to maintain and have very good power to weight ratio without sacrificing any reliability.

“The unsophisticated design allows for many interchangeable parts between different models and ratings, which helps improve overall availability of spares.



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