ALCAMiE - Innovation in Global Fleet Management

Mon, 17 September 2012

By transforming the way that critical fleets of vehicles and equipment are managed, Babcock is helping to reduce cost per tonne for global mining and construction customer, Lafarge; driving increased availability whilst rationalising the support vehicle fleet for British Airways; and ensuring resilience and reduced running costs for its UK emergency services customers, such as the Metropolitan Police Service.

How is Babcock doing this? Through ALCAMiE (pronouncedalchemy),Babcock’s unique approach to managing fleets of large, and often complex fleets of equipment. ALCAMiE combines a range of customised systems that deliver services and manages costs over the whole life of an asset - from procurement through to disposal.

Says Keith Holland, Babcock’s Mining and Construction Director: “One of the key strands to ALCAMiE’s success is the way in which it categorises and manages assets. It’s pretty unique in this sector. For example, it recognises what equipment will bring an operation to a grinding halt if it breaks down, as opposed to other equipment whose function, whilst important, can be easily replicated by other machinery. By segmenting equipment according to its criticality, ALCAMiE reprioritises what needs to be done first to ensure that equipment is available, when and where it is needed.”

Through ALCAMiE, customers benefit from increased asset availability, savings of up to   20%, reduced costs and processing, and transference of risk. The centralised running of contracts means that customers get a holistic view of their entire fleet through a secure web enabled application, rather than using traditional accounting tools.

Adds Keith: “Our approach has been developed and honed over a number of years working with companies that have similarly complex and technical portfolios of equipment. It doesn’t matter if our customer is a flagship global airline, mining company, or operates within the defence or emergency services sectors,  ALCAMiE delivers the support, systems and proven capability they need for the management of their critical equipment. Across the globe, Babcock manages the ownership and operation of more than £30bn worth of vehicles and equipment.”

Babcock’s customers also value ALCAMiE’s agnostic approach; it maintains and manages equipment, regardless of manufacturer, in an impartial way. This approach means that Babcock does not encourage customers to buy any specific make of asset; the customer gets the right asset to do the job.

The success of ALCAMiE has not only led to new opportunities, but also brought recognition very quickly in new markets, such as within the mining and construction sector which Babcock entered just over a year ago. Simon Purchon, Babcock’s Business Development Director for the Mining and Construction sector, has been invited to talk at CEMTECH Europe 2012, an international Cement Show in September, plus the Construction Equipment World Economic Forum in October. In addition, ALCAMiE will be showcased at the Emergency Services Show, the UK’s leading tri-service event, in November.

With new operational offices in Europe, USA and Australia, serving Pan Asia, ALCAMiE looks set to cross new territories and sectors as Babcock continues to prove itself both unique in its approach and the preferred partner of choice for fleet management operations.

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