Award winning Anti-Piracy System: Nemesis 5000 Saves 13 Days Transit Time for Fleets

Tue, 20 November 2012

Nemesis 5000, the water canon based Anti-Piracy Boarding Deterrent System produced & patented by UK Manufacturer Dasic Marine Ltd, proves its worth by receiving  a top safety accolade in Kuwait .  KOTC Engineer and Purchasing Group Team Leader, Nawaf Al-Shatti was awarded the top prize for pioneering the introduction of the Boarding Deterrent across the Kuwaiti tanker fleet which is enabling it to safely sail cost efficient transit routes.

Nawaf Al Shatti explains that the Nemesis 5000 system “saves time, effort and fuel where KOTC’s vessels used to, in recent times with the escalation of piracy, use the Cape of Good Hope, which used to take 31 days, but now they use the Suez Canal, which takes about 18 days to cover the same distance.”

The project was hailed as achieving ‘great strategic benefits’ for KOTC and KPC. Equally significantly, the installation of an effective anti-piracy deterrent enhances crew morale as well as safety whilst fleet operations are optimised. “The crew feels security and tranquillity sought by KOTC because this device reduces the piracy operations and its risks” observes Nawaf Al-Shatti.

The competition run by the state owned KPC (Kuwait Petroleum Corporation) reviewed 63 projects across areas of Health, Safety and the Environment before shortlisting the winning initiatives.
Nemesis 5000 topped the awards by being a highly effective unmanned system. It maximises existing vessel utilities to deter boarding by producing a constantly moving defensive curtain of high pressure water jets around a vessel.

The Anti-Piracy collaboration with Dasic Marine began in January 2010 with the successful sea trial of Nemesis 5000 on board the Al Salheia and was quickly rolled out to sister ships. In 2011 Dasic Marine was also shortlisted and highly commended for its contribution to Safety At Sea at the 23rd Annual Seatrade Awards.

Nemesis 5000 System is now installed on several major international, commercial fleets with on-going discussions in progress for further projects. For more information contact Dasic Marine Ltd.

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