Babcock to Provide Maritime Enterprise-Wide IKM Service to Support Coherence and Collaboration

Mon, 17 September 2012

Babcock’s Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) information and knowledge management service is to be extended across the maritime enterprise, representing a significant step forward, under a contract awarded by the UK Ministry of Defence earlier this
year.  Full transition to the new maritime CWE capability will be completed by spring 2013.

The CWE provides a secure web-based workspace for members of disparate organisations to work together within a single, secure environment, and is used by the MOD to share data and systems with all its Tier 1 industry partners on a wide range of new build and in-service programmes.

The maritime CWE will support alliancing and collaboration with effective information knowledge management and end-to-end business processes that span the enterprise, to deliver a singular coherent view across all maritime programmes, using trusted data that will support effective decision-making by key stakeholders.

CWE comprises four key aspects: a single sign-on portal (integrating key MOD and industry systems); a business process automation workflow toolkit; an advanced secure document management vault; and a business intelligence data mining and reporting tool.  This integrated toolset provides end-to-end process management for web-enabled virtual project teams, with access and security managed at community, project and/or user level.

The newly extended enterprise-wide service, being provided by Babcock, builds on the proven, successful ten year track record of its CWE in delivering business transformation and cost-savings to various communities within the maritime enterprise.  The new pan-enterprise service will also offer a more efficient and cost-effective procurement strategy for the MoD, and incorporates the latest ‘open architecture’ technology which enables much easier and more efficient integration of MoD and industry systems and improves the flow of real time information.  A full software technology refresh and upgrade will deliver the latest Oracle Fusion toolset with full end-to-end CWE capability.  Full transition, including migration of existing CWE users and communities to the new platform and its software technology upgrade, will be completed by the end of March 2013.

This new enterprise-wide approach will help to underpin improvements in the class management roles now taking shape in the surface ship and submarine arenas (Class Output Management and Flotilla Output Management respectively), and assist in delivering better performance and improved availability.

The aligned processes and greater use of the existing CWE capability can also be applied to the new build platforms to drive down through-life costs, standardise the approach across the maritime domain, and see a greater return on the investment already made.  The Vanguard Replacement Programme alliance team, for example, is using CWE to share concept phase and design documents, providing an opportunity to build an effective through-life data repository that will contribute valuable efficiencies throughout the lifecycle.

Babcock Head of Information and Knowledge Management, Chris Rowley, said: “The development of enterprise-level end-to-end processes and systems will greatly reduce the administrative burden associated with traditional paper-based methods and enable an increase in value-added activities by the Class Output Management teams, Fleet, ship’s
staff and wider industry community, with common systems, interfaces and reporting systems.  With ever increasing budget constraints and the need for a more agile defence capability, the CWE has now become an integral part of delivering savings for the maritime enterprise.”

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