CTRUK Cements Support of MND Association

Fri, 16 May 2014

Donation made following delivery of SWATH workboat

CTruk recently cemented its support of the Motor Neurone Disease Association with a donation of £20,000 following the delivery of its second CWhisper SWATH workboat.

The late naval architect Nigel Warren was heavily involved in the design of the first-in-class CWhisper SWATH, CWind Astute. Nigel fought bravely against MND but lost his battle before the vessel was launched in 2012. In dedication to Nigel, CTruk subsequently pledged £20,000 for every CWhisper SWATH sold to support the MND Association in continuing their important work.

CTruk is also actively encouraging its suppliers to donate through the company’s Just Giving page at

The next generation CWhisper SWATH 20m workboat, CWind Endurance, is currently working out of the ABP Port of Grimsby. A third is currently in production at CTruk’s Brightlingsea base. The SWATH hull form (SWATH stands for small waterplane area twin hull) gives a smoother ride in rough seas, vastly improving comfort levels for technicians commuting to offshore wind farms in rough

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