EnBW hands Baltic 2 temporary power supply contract to CWind

Fri, 02 May 2014

First German contract win for CWind is a turnkey solution

CWind, a leading provider of services to the offshore wind industry, today announced that it has won

a contract from EnBW to provide temporary power supply for the 288MW EnBW Baltic 2 offshore

wind farm under construction in the German Baltic Sea. CWind was successful in its proposal to

provide an integrated turnkey solution that includes the rental of generators, the servicing,

maintenance and refuelling as well as the bunkerage and CTVs required. CWind expects to deliver up

to 80 generators to the site starting this summer.

Stefan Wallenmaier, Project Manager Offshore Wind EnBW, commented on the contract award:

“The decision to move to a single supplier for all elements of the temporary power supply, and the

choice of that partner, was a crucial decision for us. CWind convinced us fully that they were able to

meet the very considerable technical and logistical challenges of handling the provision of temporary

power for our 80 turbines, 32km off the coast of Rugen Island. A constant, efficient and safe power

supply is critical to the smooth and uninterrupted construction of the wind farm, in an at times

rough environment.”

Peter Jorgensen, Managing Director of CWind, commented his company’s contract win: “We are

delighted with winning our first German contract with EnBW. EnBW has stringent requirements

regarding, amongst others safety, efficiency and flexibility. CWind’s integrated approach allows us to

meet these high standards and apply our expertise proven at some of the largest offshore wind

farms in the world. The EnBW Baltic 2 contract win proves our concept that by reducing interfaces

for our customers we can reduce costs and add value to their projects. “

Learning from offshore oil and gas

For the EnBW Baltic 2 project CWind will make use of a number of solutions, well established in

offshore oil and gas but now for the first time applied in the offshore wind industry. The use of

TODO-MATIC couplings for refuelling is one of them.

TODO-MATIC couplings are the modern standard for the safe bunkering of liquid chemicals and

supplies in the offshore industry, where they have been in use for more than 20 years. Typically used

on supply vessel and platform manifold applications, the TODO-MATIC coupling ensures safety,

efficiency and environmental compliance in difficult transfer operations. CWind will install TODOMATIC

couplings on generators and refuelling vessels to ensure safe and efficient processes.

Peter Jorgensen said: “Protecting the environment is central for us, by using the TODO-MATIC

couplings we can ensure that spillages are eliminated and yet the refuelling process will actually be

faster than previously possible. A win-win for us, our customers and the environment.”

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