FRC International Launch WBV PAX at Seawork 2013

Wed, 17 July 2013

FRC International launched the WBV PAX course at Seawork 2013. WBV PAX has been developed for all regular passengers undertaking operations and training on RIBs and high speed craft. Including troops, boarding teams, maritime pilots and wind farm engineers.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and Repetitive Shock (RS) affect all crews and passengers on RIBs and planing craft. WBV Courses are relevant to all sectors affected by this major health and safety issue including military, government, professional and commercial operators.

FRC International Operations Director John Haynes said, ‘Health and Safety for the modern high speed craft operator is all about total workforce engagement. The exposure chain on fast craft, also known as the Human-Boat Interface (HBI) affects everyone on the craft, not just regular crew. Over 500 people from 75 organisations have been on WBV courses in the past 18 months and most have examples of passengers being injured.’

The WBV PAX course brings together international best practice and industry standards. Attendees receive The Nautical Institute certificate. Sessions include awareness of the EC Vibration Directive and understanding WBV injury.

The objective of WBV PAX is to reduce WBV injury by a combination of duty-of-care from the organisation and raising the standards of occupational related fitness for the individual. Daily, monthly and annual health surveillance and awareness of personal exposure are also covered on the half day course.

John Haynes said, ‘Infrequent passengers can be particularly at risk on RIBs and high speed craft as they are not used to the motion and the need to brace when the craft is in rough water.’

Vibration on RIBs and High Speed Craft is usually caused by continuous 'hammering' from short steep seas or wind against tide conditions. Shock on RIBs and high speed craft is usually caused by random 'hits' from head sea impacts, crossing seas or overtaking following seas. Risks to occupants include acute and chronic injury.

Gary Ball of SSA said, ‘Seawork is always a fantastic show for the Association and its members. With FRC International onboard the SSA Stand at Seawork 2013 was definitely the place to be for RIB and High Speed Craft professionals!’ John Haynes of FRC International added, 'SSA have been incredibly supportive of FRC, they understand our objectives and recognise what we are doing for maritime UK around the world. We all had an excellent Seawork.'

FRC directors were also kept busy as part of the Seawork conference programme. Dr Trevor Dobbins and Jon Hill AFNI presented ‘MGN 436 – Enhancing Safety via Design’. John Haynes AFNI presented ‘Effective Health & Safety for Professional RIB & Fast Boat Operations’ as part of Dag Pike’s event celebrating 50 Years of the RIB.

For further information contact or 01202 443798

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