Gold Support for Babcock

Wed, 22 August 2012

Leading up to the event, Babcock worked with the Highways Agency, to address the affected regional centres and additional routes required to cover the 2012 Olympic events. This included the routes accessing sailing in Weymouth, where Babcock had secured additional workshop coverage with Dorset Police in the event of a vehicle defect. During the Olympics, Babcock optimised the availability of vehicles to ensure its customer had the focus where it needed it – on keeping access routes to the events open at all times.

Alan Rowley, Project Sponsor - National Vehicles Team for the Highways Agency, writes in his letter of thanks to Babcock: “With the successful closure of the first half of the Olympics I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the hard work that Babcock have put in to ensure that the Highways Agency’s Traffic Officer Fleet was able to carry out its duties in managing the extra Olympic traffic with minimal vehicle maintenance issues.

“In the pre planning stages Kate Beattie and her team were instrumental in providing help and ideas for improving the services that Babcock could provide, both in providing additional servicing supplier involvement with our increased security requirements and reducing the off road time (due to servicing) by bringing forward the servicing schedules to before the games start date. This resulted in us having the ‘Olympic fleet’ 100 percent available throughout the games.”

In the letter, Alan also recognised the work of individuals: “The dedicated Babcock ‘Highways Agency’ support desk, managed by Stephanie Holland was faultless and once again proved the outstanding value to us of having a One Stop Shop…Amika and Sam could always be relied upon to provide help and assistance to me as Contract manager in managing any of the fleet changes and movements required to meet our Olympic commitment. In closing I would finally like to mention the unfailing assistance of Dave Page, who without his help we would not have been able to provide (on an incredibly short timescale) 12 new vehicles to operate the extra routes between Weymouth and London.”

Babcock supplies and supports the Highway Agency’s fleet of more than 200 Traffic Officer Patrol vehicles. Halfway through the four year contract, Babcock has continued to perform well within the HA’sMotivating SuccessProgramme .

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