Lloyd’s Register Provides New DVD to Promote Safe Boat Transfers

Mon, 10 September 2012

Lloyd’s Register has issued a new short film entitled Safe Boat Transfers to help provide marine surveyors with comprehensive instructions on how to safely transfer between two vessels at sea.
Working over water and, in particular, boat transfers, during which surveyors switch from a transfer vessel to the boat they are surveying, is a very high-risk activity. The film, originally developed for Lloyd’s Register employees, aims to raise awareness about the associated risks and hazards, and to provide instruction for every stage of the transfer.
“As a safety organisation, we frequently undertake these types of internal campaigns to keep our surveyors safe. Now we want to share this with the wider industry to support greater general safety,” said Cathy Booth, Head of Safety Systems and Training for Lloyd’s Register. “We have pioneered similar programmes, such as initiatives to promote shipyard safety, which we later shared with industry.”
All of the safety checks that are required before boarding the transfer boat are outlined in the film, which also explains the equipment that must be worn by the surveyor and the safety requirements to which both boats must adhere. Also listed are the common defects that might affect the equipment.
The film was created in response to the growing number of safety incidents caused by boat transfers during the past few years, and the lack of public guidance on the topic. Examples of incidents include: surveyors falling into the water or on to transfer boats, being struck by moving objects and exposed to hypothermia.
Surveyors have also struggled with inappropriate transfer boats, poorly maintained ladders and inadequately trained crews.
This new safety tool from Lloyd’s Register outlines the correct procedures that need to be taken at every stage of a transfer.
It is hoped that Safe Boat Transfers will help to significantly reduce the accidents associated with boat transfers.


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