Ocean Signal Debuts Safesea Range at Brazil Expo

Thu, 02 August 2012

Ocean Signal presents its SafeSea GMDSS product range at 'Navalshore Brazil' for the first time.

Communications and safety at sea provider, Ocean Signal, created the SafeSea range following extensive research and development by the company's electronics specialists and includes the SafeSea E100/E100G series of  Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs), the SafeSea S100 Search and Rescue Transponder (SART), and the SafeSea V100* survival craft VHF hand portable radio telephone.

SafeSea® E100/E100G EPIRB was designed to maximize battery life, thus improving this critical element of communications in rescue situations. The SafeSea E100G has the same specification as the E100 but is fitted with a 50 channel, integral GPS.

SafeSea® S100 SART is a dedicated radar transponder which complies with IMO SOLAS regulations.

SafeSea® V100 GMDSS Hand held Radio is a rugged, fully featured hand-portable GMDSS radiotelephone which exceeds GMDSS environmental requirements.

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