Oil and gas sector continues to boost solasolv® sales

Thu, 10 May 2012

The start of 2012 has seen sales for SOLASOLV® anti-glare, heat rejecting roller screens for navigation bridge and control room windows continue to grow in the offshore oil and gas market.

The screens, which are manufactured by UK based Solar Solve Marine, use a sophisticated solar shade film which protects crew against the harsh effects of sun glare and heat gain whilst offering a 100% completely clear outside view. By rejecting up to 93% of glare they significantly reduce eye-strain and reflection ensuring modern computer displays are easier to read, so human errors are less likely to occur. The sunscreens also have heat rejecting properties to reduce up to 87% of the sun’s heat which helps to reduce fatigue by creating a more comfortable and cooler working environment for crew. This also places less need for air-conditioning which means that environmentally conscious fleet owners can benefit from fuel savings while lowering their CO₂ emissions if they install screens at every window.

Last year Solar Solve received an order from Maersk UK for the Maersk Resilient, a 350ft jack up drilling rig which had been specially designed to be 20% more efficient than traditional jack-up rigs. SOLASOLV® screens were required for operator cabin windows.

This year Maersk UK have placed a second order for the Maersk Resolute, a high efficiency 350ft jack up drilling rig designed to work in ultra harsh environments such as the North Sea. Again SOLASOLV® sunscreens were required for operator cabin windows.

Paul Hopkins, Solar Solve’s Sales and Marketing Executive commented, “The offshore sector was a very good area for the sale of our products in 2011 and has now continued into 2012. The crew who use SOLASOLV® sunscreens value their benefits highly and word is spreading about how effective they are as we are receiving more and a lot more orders from this sector.”

Full details of Solar Solve Marine and its product range are available from the company website at or by telephone on +44 191 454 8595 or email [email protected].

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