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Mon, 19 November 2012

SAACKE have been involved in firing technology for more than 80 years and are today one of the world leaders in this field. As specialists we plan, develop and produce burners and system solutions for Marine and industrial thermal processes. Our products and services are represented on ships and offshore installations as well as industry. SAACKE offers Burners for sea going vessels in the capacity range from 0.7 – 48 MW and Boilers with capacities from 1 – 110 t/h. Preferred fuels are heavy fuel oil, low-sulphur heavy fuel oil, Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) and Marine Gas Oil (MGO). Fully electronic control units and O₂-controlled combustion ensure maximum safety, reliability and availability for all plants. Currently more than 6000 SAACKE plants are in operation on sea going vessels. In addition to complete auxiliary boilers with oil firing, adapted flue gas boilers and individual economizers, SAACKE products reflect all details of the required plant environment – from the fan to the flue gas damper. SAACKE on board. That means reliable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient combustion plants for sea-going vessels, offshore plants and LNG tankers. The vast experience in the development, design and construction of new plants and conversion of existing plants pays off here.

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