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Mon, 06 August 2012

Shirlaws works with both mid-sized, owner-managed businesses and large Corporate enterprises in 26 countries around the globe. Our job is to help business owners and CEOs to achieve success for their businesses. Our goal is to see our clients’ businesses reward them richly in wealth, time and fulfilment. i.e. More Money, More Time, Less Stress. Shirlaws has a broad global presence with offices in: United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Singapore and the Middle East. At Shirlaws we hold to a core belief that to sustain business growth you need to maintain a balance between commercial issues (such as revenues, efficiencies and profits) and cultural issues (such as communication skills, teambuilding and leadership). Empower your staff and they'll share in your commercial vision. Reward them and your bottom line improves. Build effective teams and revenues increase. With our guidance, you'll see clearly where you are now and how to achieve the commercial and cultural outcomes to move your business forward. Together we'll explore strategies for initiating the changes to push your business up to the next level. Our coaching is very flexible. You decide how much to spend and how long to work with us. Not the other way round.

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