SOLASOLV® - the brand leading sunscreen that reduces AIR-CONDITIONING requirements to save FUEL AND SAVE money

Thu, 17 October 2013

Solar Solve Marine, the UK manufacturer of the brand leading SOLASOLV® sunscreen for navigation bridge windows are delighted to be attending the Marintec exhibition in Shanghai, where three BRAND NEW products will be launched – STOPLITE™, a Type Approved blackout roller blind for cabin windows, VARYSTOP™, a room-darkening roller blind for cabin windows, and an innovative wireless, remote controlled battery operated roller screen – SELFPOWA™, incorporating SOLACELL technology.

SOLASOLV® anti-glare, heat rejecting roller screens for navigation bridge windows will also be on display.  These screens have been world famous for over 25 years and have been regularly supplied to Chinese shipbuilders and ship owners since 1998. The high quality screens help to provide a clear view in sunny and bright conditions whilst maintaining a comfortable working environment for the crew.  Less fatigue, more comfort and better visibility improves performance and safety, reducing complaints, accidents and downtime. They also help to lower air-conditioning requirements to saves fuel costs and reduce C02 emissions to help protect the environment.  

SOLASOLV® is the only brand of marine sunscreens in the world to be Type Approved by Lloyds, ABS and DNV providing maximum sun protection for navigation safety and crew comfort.  The screens are instantly retractable, simple to install, easy to use and comply with the latest marine legislation. When in use they ensure a completely clear outside view and the colours of navigation lights and markings are never distorted.  The screens reject up to 87% of the sun’s heat and up to 93% of glare and reflection.

Relied on by shipping fleets worldwide more than 125,000 SOLASOLV® screens have been supplied to over 12,500 vessels since 1987. These screens are also ideal for windows on cranes, rigs and observation towers….anywhere a clear view is essential to maintain a safe operational environment. 

Solar Solve Marine also manufacture ROLASOLV® blackout roller blinds.  As the comfort and well-being of the crew is becoming more important there is greater emphasis on high quality, marine certified interior items such as blackout blinds for cabins to ensure the crew get a good rest, particularly during daylight hours.  ROLASOLV® flame retardant fabric roller blinds and blackout blinds are ideal for cabin windows on ships, rigs and accommodation platforms.  ROLASOLV® is the only brand of marine interior roller blinds worldwide to be Type Approved by DNV.  They are available in a choice of high quality fabrics with BS5438 flame spread certification and comply with the mandatory IMO FTPC Part 7 A.563(14) resolution.  The range includes CASSLITE®, DIMMLITE®, LITETITE®, VARYSTOP™ and STOPLITE™ which offers almost total blackout conditions. 

Miss Julie Lightfoot, Managing Director and Mr John Lightfoot, Company Chairman will be on the Solar Solve Marine booth in the British Pavilion at Marintec where there will be a wide choice of products on display.

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