The Precision Technology Group Announces Sponsorship Deal with New Talented Athlete Steffi Wilson.

Tue, 29 January 2013

“The Power Behind Performance” is a phrase Seaway Powell Marine has used since long before it joined the Precision Technology Group two years ago. It is a phrase that comes back to me time and time again as I have come to realise that it covers so many aspects of what we are doing

The Power is, of course, the silent screw moving the actuator in a cheese plant, automotive factory or on board ship, just as it is the grinding strength of an anchor windless or the gentle pressing to create the perfect wine. The same power operates lifeboats, guiding them into the water when all else is lost or, while dressed up in its shiniest form, gives pleasure to billionaires and holidaymakers in the Med. or Caribbean. It is the power of motion in many different formats. It is what we do so very well.

But the real power is something else. It is the power of a team working together. One of us will bring in a fantastic order or design a brilliant new product or achieve perfect on-time delivery. Yet, in each of these great occurrences there is a team working behind the scenes. That order will have been supported by each and every one of you in some way, whether you answered the phone, built the box, paid the bills, checked we could build in time, or a host of other very necessary tasks that go into the powerful achievements we all love to happen.

So, if we are a big team working well together, why sponsor an athlete who runs alone and relies on her own muscle power to carry her through? Where is the connection to us as a group who work together to create the power behind our performance? Where is the sense in this latest idea?

Well, it occurred to me early on whilst thinking about this that the winning of a race is just like the winning of an order or the completion of that new design. But these things don’t just happen because someone wants them to. They happen as the result of a lot of hard work from a lot of people and, yes, that is right – they work as a team. Steffi Wilson is a talented athlete but behind that eventual gold medal is a team of coaches and others who are working towards that single aim – to achieve the very best performance.

So, like an athlete with her team around her, each one of us, individually and collectively, are the “Power Behind our group’s Performance.”

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