Fri, 02 May 2014

OTS soon to take delivery of seventh CTruk 20T MPC

Brightlingsea (UK), 1 May 2014 – Since launching three years ago Pontrilas-based Offshore Turbine Services has gone from strength to strength with a refined offering of reliable and efficient crew, fuel, cargo and equipment transfer services to offshore wind turbines, sub stations and other offshore developments requiring maritime logistics.

Speed, flexibility, minimum vessel downtime and cost-effectiveness are the company’s main focus points, and the decision to operate CTruk’s multi-role composite catamaran workboats has proven key in delivering these. Offshore Turbine Services now owns six of CTruk’s popular 20T MPC offshore wind support vessels, with a seventh currently in the final stages of production.

With an OTS-measured total fuel consumption of 100 litres per hour at 2000rpm and 20 knots on the latest 20T to join the fleet, Lieutenant P, it is easy to see how the company has made such an imprint on the industry with these vessels in just a few years.

CTruk’s use of a vacuum infusion process to build composite craft to the highest standards, saving around 40% on weight and optimising hull hydrodynamics, means that these robust workboats burn less fuel. This fact, coupled with inherent versatility gained from the company’s now patented moveable wheelhouse and modular deck pod system (the passenger pod can be craned off to open up the deck area for equipment transfer) has resulted in CTruk’s offering gaining more traction in a changing offshore wind support market.

Phil Collins (OTS chairman) said:

“We are pleased to launch our sixth vessel, Lieutenant P, which is the latest incarnation of the CTruk 20T. The new vessel includes upgrades and refinements that we have worked closely on with CTruk, including bigger Rolls-Royce Kamewa waterjets which have increased the vessel’s bollard pull.”

OTS has also implemented a dedicated marine support division to minimise vessel down time, a key driver in an environment driven by cost reduction.

Master P will join the Offshore Turbine Services fleet at the end of May 2014.

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