Typhoon Hits Manilla as Field Work Begins in Mindanao

Mon, 13 August 2012

Field work for the Darwin Initiative project ‘Responding to fish extirpations in the global marine biodiversity epicentre’ began this week in Mindanao, in spite of the substantial typhoon which has just hit the Manila area (

tarting in NE Mindanao, which has not been affected by the typhoon, the work, supervised by Prof. Selina Stead (MAST) and Dr Margarita Lavides of Ateneo de Manila University is being conducted by Miss Yna Molina and Mr Ditto de la Rosa, after recent training in Newcastle. The initial work is surveying fishermen’s knowledge of catches and how these have changed over recent decades, aiming to help identify species that may have disappeared from catches in particular areas and informing future underwater ecological work that will begin in September 2013. The current work is in Lanuza Bay, the field team will go on to look at 4 other major locations in the Philippines, identified by a consortium involving the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute as being key marine biodiversity areas in the country. The Philippines constitutes a major part of the ‘coral triangle’ in which most marine organisms reach the global peak of their diversity.

Full details on the Research Project:

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