WEGS Personnel Transfers Ready For Work with New CTruk 20T

Thu, 28 February 2013

Essex-based CTruk’s latest OWSV CWind Adventure was named during an informal ceremony in Brightlingsea on Friday. Operated under the CWind boat share initiative, she will go straight to work as part of the company’s growing charter fleet.

Boat share partners Peter Richards and Sally Arthey of WTGS have been in the business since 2004 and have operated many types of vessel.
Peter explained, ‘WTGS have built up a good reputation in the industry, having worked on many offshore wind projects around Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium and we pride ourselves on the level of service given onboard. We chose a CTruk 20T based on our experience in the field and the knowledge that fuel economy and versatility play a major part in vessel charter decisions. The 20T is capable of delivering both, as well as allowing us to maintain a high level of service with a comfortable transit.’

Rapid acceptance of this ground-breaking 18.5m composite twin-hull design has seen CTruk deliver its tenth 20T inside two years. Managing director Ben Simpson commented, ‘Peter and Sally know better than most the heavy demands made on these vessels 24/7 in what is a very harsh environment, so their choice of a CTruk 20T is a real testament to the technological advances inherent in our latest design.’

To celebrate the milestone launch, CTruk recently hosted a family day for its staff.

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