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Tue, 11 February 2014

We are currently conducting a survey on new materials and corrosion. Your participation will make a great contribution to our efforts to improve the outputs of the research project. Therefore we would kindly ask you to complete the following questionnaire. The data you provide will be saved and used for statistical purposes only.

The ThroughLife project examines possibilities how to optimise the interaction between new building yards, repair yards and the owners and how to introduce new technologies into the shipping industry. We are convinced that new forms of organisation in the shipping industry could activate enormous cost and/or environmental potentials. Our vision is a business model that spreads responsibilities and risks among the stakeholders, allows the easy exchange of needed information and leads to decreasing operational costs as well as an enhanced technical condition of the ship throughout its entire life cycle.

We see that the introduction of innovative materials onto ships is difficult for several reasons. Most oftenship owners shy away from innovative applications because they have never been proven under real life conditions and because it is not clear if, how and by whom these systems or materials can be repaired in case of damage. To test and prove the theories developed within the generic approach we are simultaneously following a bottom up approach by carrying out research in three different fields of technology that are promising to solve some questions related to improved maintenance on ships. In short these are self-healing coatings, anti-corrosive steels and composites. Moreover it is important to reveal the needs form the industry for improvement and get recommendations for research needs and Applications for research projects.

This questionnaire is intended to collect all information necessary to find innovative and improved methods on corrosion monitoring and new materials for the shipping industry. Please help us to identify the best practice examples as well as problems occurring today by answering the following questions. Once it has been done, press send and the information will be saved at our ThroughLife database.

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