NIG / Health and Safety

Some of you may remember the cross industry working groups that met with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and unions to discuss emerging issues from the past. Well, the Marine Fabrication & Engineering National Interest Group (NIG) is still going strong.

Meeting around 4 times a year the NIG provides an expert and forum to sound out colleagues about health, safety and environmental issues in the industry. On their part, HSE uses the NIG to consult early on guidance and policy matters, as well as sharing learning from incidents and investigations across the UK.

Recently, we have been working on how best to share safety alerts amongst ourselves to ensure learning from events is not restricted to one site or company.

We discuss accident and incident investigation, current standards and regulatory requirements. New or proposed regulations or consultations are brought to the group and an industry view can be formed.

Accident statistics are shared and initiatives that people are considering or trying in their workplaces.

The meetings are kindly hosted by the members at their premises on an ad-hoc rotation basis, and there is always a tour of a work area or part of the site to see how others are driving up standards.

If you are interested in attending, or simply want a safe place to ask a difficult question then please get in touch.