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Tue, 15 September 2015

With many companies requiring evidence that visiting workers and contractors have been trained in health & safety, more and more industries are introducing safety passport schemes.

Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Ltd is one of the UK’s leading providers of safety passport schemes and has developed a number of successful safety programmes including Petrol Retail, Mineral Products (Quarry), Food & Drink and Live Events.

Ray Gibbs, Managing Director of SPA said “A growing number of blue chip companies were using passports to help reduce accidents, injuries, costs and improve their efficiency”

“Most companies need contractors or agency workers to visit their premises to carry out such vital work as repairs, maintenance as well as production and distribution operatives.  Unfortunately they can pose an unknown risk as it’s not always possible to check if they have been properly trained to an acceptable level of health & safety”

“This is where SPA comes in. Contract workers and company employees who complete our sector training can prove their knowledge of basic health & safety.  By showing their Safety Passport complete with tamper proof photograph to reduce fraud a contractor or employee can demonstrate they have achieved that knowledge”

The advantages of the SPA safety passport are;

·         Contractors, casual workers or employees

·         Developed by the sector to create best practice throughout the sector.

·         A known standard within the sector when recruiting staff.

·         Training can be carried out in-house or at a designated training centre by an SPA accredited training company.

·         Increased safety awareness contributing to higher standards of safety performance.

·         Commonly recognised and validated standard.

·         Validation accepted in other sectors.

·         Shorter site specific induction and quicker site mobilisation.

·         Overall cost reduction to Client and Contractor.

·         Refresher course at 3 yearly intervals.

Shipbuilding and repair still employs or sub contracts a considerable number of people each year which could leave a large number of employees or contractors who could be at risk. Many of these workers may be working for more than one site or employer so there is a need for a clear process to ensure all of these workers have health & safety training to a minimum industry recognised standard.

SPA in conjunction with SSA members is looking to create a health & safety passport training scheme specifically for the shipbuilding and ship repair industry.  On successful completion each contactor or agency worker gains an SPA Passport which needs to be produced on request by appropriate member of staff for the employing organisation.  There is scope within the scheme to open this up to employees too. The commitment from the industry is in the ‘policing’ of the passports at site level to ensure the momentum and importance of the programme is maintained.

 The course will be designed with input from the industry to ensure the content is the most relevant and up to date. The content will cover topics such as accidents, organising for safety, key health & safety requirements, risk assessment and potential hazards within this sector.  The safety passports are valid for 3 years and a refresher course will meet the requirements of renewing the passport as well as highlighting new and best practices within the renewal course content.

SPA is looking to talk with SSA members to establish how this scheme might work and for interested stakeholders to form part of the steering group to create the safety passport programme. 

For further details please contact Andy Bolton at Safety Pass Alliance on 01926 817450 or [email protected]

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