The INCASS (Inspection Capabilities for Enhanced Ship Safety) project is a multifaceted project bringing together a range of experienced and dedicated partners in order to tackle the issue of ship inspection, identification of high-risk and sub-standard ships, providing access to information related to ship surveys independent of the ship flag state and inspection regime and moreover incorporate enhanced and harmonised cooperation of maritime stakeholders in order to avoid ship accidents, promote maritime safety and protect the environment.


Aims & Objectives

The INCASS consortium aims to bring an innovative solution to the integration of monitoring, inspection, data gathering (including real-time information), risk analysis and management and Decision Support for ship structures, machinery and equipment in an efficient and collaborative manner through the introduction of the following innovative concepts:

· Enhanced inspection of ship structures based on robotic platforms

· Providing ship structures and machinery monitoring with real time information

· Incorporate Structural and Machinery Risk Analysis (SRA and MRA)

· Advanced/Condition Based inspection tools and methodologies

· Reliability and Criticality based Maintenance founded on Condition Based approaches

· Enhanced Central Database including ship structures and machinery available to maritime authorities (e.g. EMSA, Port State Control), Classification Societies and ship operators

· Decision Support System (DSS) for ship structures and machinery for continuous monitoring and risk analysis and management of ship operation as a function of its operational profile


Contact Information

Project Co-ordinator: Dr. Iraklis Lazakis




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