SSA Services

SSA has a dedicated research & development section to support its members and the wider UK maritime sector which contributes toward its success in enhancing performance to develop global competitiveness through involvement in world class R&D programmes.

SSA has experience in the following:

  • Project management, coordination and collaboration
  • Dissemination and Exploitation of project outcomes
  • Assisting member companies involvement in R&D projects
  • Developing and writing project proposals
  • Investigation of funding opportunities


Over the last 5 years SSA have been active partners in over 11 EU funded projects, have hosted 2 European Research Brokerage events attracting over 300+ delegates and through the MILC TIG working group gather industry knowledge and experience for future technology roadmaps to assist the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) on the direction the industry would like to go with future research projects.


National Funding Opportunities

The UK Marine Industry has had an excellent opportunity recently through the TSB vessel Efficiency calls which have made over £10 million of funding available to the UK industry

Many other TSB calls are open to the Marine Sector such as:

  • Make it Lighter with Less
  • Manufacturing Electronic Systems of the Future


Working with the TSB Transport KTN on future call topics


European Funding Opportunities

The European Commission has presented a package of measures to boost research, innovation and competitiveness in Europe by announcing Horizon 2020, an €80 billion programme for investment in research and innovation

Topics / Themes:

  • Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing
  • Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy
  • Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy
  • Smart, Green and Integrated Transport
  • Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials
  • Europe in a changing world - Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies
  • Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens



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